Our Vision

Our Vision

How many of us have tried to take a deep insight into some economic magazine or weekly financial publication but the complexity and technicality of the published articles have prevented us from fully comprehending the core meaning of the articles published? How many of us have had trouble relating economic articles to our daily lives? Haven’t we all pondered, ‘After all, how does it affect me?’

EcoGyaan aspires to change just that. A weekly economic and financial magazine, EcoGyaan aims to explore ongoing economic research and topics of financial and economic interest that are much more relatable in our daily lives. One of the main reasons that makes this magazine so unique is the quality and distinctiveness of the articles included in the magazine. The topics are quite unfamiliar but of vital significance in our daily lives. A highly simplified explanation of these topics is supported by ‘Our Analysis’ section, wherein we try to look at all aspects related to the topic and then try to channelize all views into a conclusion. The style of writing is such that it not only informs the reader of novel unheard things, but also leaves them with a lot of questions to ponder upon, thus deepening their interest in economics and finance and making them believe of the vast application of these fields in their lives.

In addition, we also have a ‘Business story of the Edition’ section. It aims to bring the readers one business story: how it started, the challenges involved, what was the distinguishing factor that made them successful etc. One of the major things that we aim to focus upon is to identify the specific business- related challenges that these companies faced on their journey and what they chose to did about it. ‘Our analysis’ section further elaborates on what truly makes successful companies ‘successful’. Overall, this section is sure to appeal to the entrepreneurial spirit within you.

Finally, ‘Mutual funds are subject to market risk: read all scheme related documents properly before investing’: almost all of us have either read this somewhere or heard in advertisements. But do we really know what mutual funds are? There are many such instances wherein, we have never tried to explore the meanings of an array of things we hear on a daily basis. But , with ‘Word of the Edition’, we bring to you one of these words along with its meaning and detailed explanation. So, cheers to learning something new!

Overall, this magazine is not just a bunch of pages filled with content that is way too complicated to be even understood. Rather, it’s a vision: a vision to learn about economics, finance and their applications in a much more simplified form than ever before. It’s an effort to make our readers more aware on the economic aspect of what surrounds them. It’s an effort to discuss about and ponder on topics that, although unexplored, are far too significant to be ignored.